Why It’s a Good Decision to Replace or Convert to Refrigerated Air in the Fall

After an incredibly hot summer in El Paso, it has been nice to turn off the cooling system and enjoy the fresh air from the outdoors. But, while your A/C system or swamp cooler may be starting into hibernation for the heating season, it’s not quite time to put it completely out of mind.

Why do we say this? Because it may be time to ask yourself these questions in consideration of replacing it:

  1. How old is my A/C unit?
  2. How well did it really keep up with summer’s heatwave?
  3. Will 2019’s refrigerated air systems be more costly than 2018’s?
  4. Does 2018 offer Federal energy rebates that I can take advantage of on my taxes to offset my investment?
  5. How available will technicians be in El Paso when I HAVE TO replace my cooling system?


The answers to these questions may all be reasons why it may make more sense to replace your HVAC today rather than waiting until you absolutely have to, especially if you know that a replacement in 2019 is imminent. Here’s some other consideration that may influence your decision to replace:

  1. Convenience

You are less likely to be using your A/C again until the spring. Instead of suffering without adequate cooling in El Paso’s summer heat, have it taken care of now. This also allows for more freedom to meet your schedule, as most HVAC technicians in our area aren’t as busy right now.

  1. Time

If you’re converting to refrigerated air or replacing your current air conditioning system in the summer, it’s most likely the result of an unexpected problem. You may end up making a quick decision about the unit you choose just to get out of the brutal El Paso heat. This time of year, you have much more time to do your research, make comparisons on equipment options and local contractors to make the best decision for your budget and your home. If your HVAC system is really old, you will be delighted to learn how far the innovations in heating and cooling have come and how many wonderful new features are available—greater energy efficiency, more effective humidity, air cleaning and noise reduction, programmable or Wi-Fi smart thermostats…. These are just a few of the upgrades you’ll come across when looking at all of the options available today.

  1. Money

Efficiency and programmability of HVAC equipment translates into huge savings. Equipment warranties can also affect the cost of the lifetime value of new HVAC system. These factors should influence your best buying decision. You have time today to shop around and compare features and prices…and time always translates into money savings. In addition, many contractors experiencing down time during these cooler months offer deals on off-season installation and maintenance…us included!


So, if now the fall season seems like a good time for you to replace that old unit or convert to refrigerated air for the first time, give Longhorn Air a call at 915-852-7334. It’s always a good time to call Longhorn, but right now we are especially anxious to help you!