When is the best time to…

...convert to Refrigerated Air?

Most homeowners say “I wished I’d done this years ago!” So, when is it best to convert? Consider it at these times and for these reasons:

  • Convert NOW if you want to sell your home in El Paso's competitive market
  • Convert NOW to remain cool and comfortable in our extreme summer heat
  • Convert NOW before monsoon season and high humidity creates extreme discomfort
  • Convert NOW before fall for auto changeover (Refrigerated air conditioning systems allow you to easily switch between heat and cool at any time. This is very nice for El Paso homeowners especially during those many months when we experience cool mornings and warm afternoons.)
  • Convert BEFORE END OF YEAR and manufacturer price increases

…replace that old system?

Today’s new HVAC systems provide years of quiet, cool, smooth operation. Lower SEER A/C systems in El Paso generally only last 10-15 years due to our harsh summers. So when it is best to retire that older system? Consider these:

  • Upgrade NOW if your old system keeps breaking down and causing you expensive repairs
  • Upgrade NOW to remain cool and comfortable in our extreme summer heat
  • Upgrade NOW to take advantage of financing deals and low monthly payments
  • Upgrade now BEFORE END OF YEAR and manufacturer price increases

…upgrade to highest efficiency, high SEER cooling?

Upgrading to high efficiency is an expensive investment but probably one of the smartest decisions you can make in upgrading your home systems because heating and cooling accounts for 50% or more of your utility bills. Longhorn Air recommends you upgrade to high efficiency if you are in your forever home and want the most energy savings and best of the best for it. Here’s why:

  • High efficiency means the lowest utility bills (pair with a smart thermostat and you’ll enjoy energy savings like you never have before!)
  • High efficiency systems have longer life spans if well cared for
  • High efficiency systems qualify for some rebates

…start a Preventive Maintenance Program?

A homeowner with refrigerated air should ALWAYS be on a preventive maintenance program. Order your Preventive Maintenance (PM) NOW for these good reasons:

  • PMs help keep a system running at peak performance and highest efficiency
  • PMs keep systems clean and indoor air quality at its best
  • PMs keep your system running long after warranty expires
  • PMs check for leaks and other dangerous conditions and/or repairs before they become major problems
  • PMs ensure you’ll get your filter replaced, absolutely necessary for the smooth, cool, quiet operation of your air conditioning system (NOTE: filter changes should be done at least every other month with or without PM service to ensure more problem-free operation of your refrigerated air system).

Longhorn Maintenance Heating and Cooling can help you convert to refrigerated air, replace an existing HVAC system, upgrade to high efficiency and/or start on a preventive maintenance program. For a quote on any of these, call us at 915-852-7334 or visit us at www.longhornairep.com.