Their Upgrade is Our Standard!

Longhorn Maintenance Heating and Air installs ONLY sheet metal duct work for new HVAC systems when new air ducts are needed. It's our standard--one of excellence--in HVAC installations!

We NEVER use fiberglass duct board. Here’s why:

  1. Fiberglass duct board is inferior to sheet metal duct work because it breaks down over time.Sheet metal duct work is built to last the lifetime of your new heating and cooling system…and beyond. Within 10 years, duct board can completely deteriorate, create duct leakage and waste energy. When this occurs, you will be again tasked with a large installation expense of new duct work. Fiberglass duct board simply lacks integrity. High performance homes and equipment must have sheet metal duct work to meet the high efficiency standards sold with new HVAC equipment.
  2. Fiberglass duct board can emit fiberglass particles into the air flow.The most disturbing problem with duct board is that over time, it is forcing microscopic pieces fiberglass into the airflow of your home. As it breaks down, the pieces get smaller and smaller. You are breathing that into your lungs. But, because many of these particles are nearly invisible, you don’t know that your health is being compromised by the airflow coming through fiberglass duct board. Common sense tells us that if dust enters and settles in the duct work so will the deteriorating elements of fiberglass duct board. Those will eventually make it into your living spaces.
  3. Finally, fiberglass duct board is not resistant to moisture.Have you ever seen wet card board? Well, that is what your duct board is going to look like when moving heavy wet and/or humid air through it over time. Wet duct board promotes mold growth and can make your living spaces smell like mildew.

Today, several states are moving to ban duct board as a solution. Longhorn Air supports that movement. We never use duct board in our heating and cooling installations. For us, quality is number one. And, a tight, high performance home must have sheet metal duct work to meet efficiency standards promised with new HVAC equipment over time…not just at the time of installation.

For a standard of excellence in HVAC installations and air duct renovation, call Longhorn Air at 915-852-7334.