Keep Cool This Summer With a Refrigeration Upgrade

Enjoy a refrigerated air conditioning installation in El Paso, TX

Without adequate air conditioning, your home tends to feel stiflingly hot and sticky. Don't try to endure an El Paso, TX summer on willpower alone. Longhorn Maintenance Heating & Cooling has more than 30 years of HVAC experience, and our local business can give you the relief you need. From our family to yours-have a breath of fresh air with a refrigeration upgrade in El Paso, TX.

For years, we've advised homeowners against installing evaporative coolers. These utilize lots of water to reduce high temperatures making them highly inefficient. Even worse, evaporative coolers have a reputation for leaking everywhere. Our company proudly installs refrigerated air conditioning units for El Paso, Texas residents, instead.

If you're tired of your current system, call 915-852-7334 to schedule your refrigerated air conditioning appointment.

3 benefits of refrigeration upgrades

Did you know that refrigerated air is becoming increasingly common in the Southwest? Here are just a few reasons why:

  1. These units are more suitable for homeowners with allergies
  2. Your unit reverses into a heating system during cooler months
  3. Refrigerated air works best in seriously humid regions

Don't let a great deal disappear into thin air. Choose Longhorn Maintenance Heating & Cooling for your El Paso, TX refrigeration upgrade.