Price vs. Value…Know the Difference When Considering Converting to Refrigerated Air

“Price is only an issue when there in the absence of value.” --CEO Unknown

Occasionally, one of our competitors may advertise impossible rates for converting to refrigerated air or provide you with a lower quote for doing so. The problem with that is something has to give to do the job at the price quoted, whether they’ll be providing you with an inferior system, poor warranty or cutting corners by installing duct board where sheet metal duct work would be a better solution.

There is a big difference when you buy low price vs. more value when converting to refrigerated air.

Here at Longhorn Air, we provide our customers with most competitive pricing for the highest quality heating and cooling system installations. We provide the lengthiest warranties to protect your investment in a new refrigerated air system. AND, we never install duct board in the process! Every air duct reconstruction is done with SHEET METAL DUCT WORK. So, you can buy price when planning to convert or you can buy VALUE! In the long run, value is going to pay you more with your heating and cooling system.

Still, we understand that affordability has to be part of the decision when choosing your HVAC contractor and your new refrigerated air system. If one of our competitors offers you a rate lower than ours, we encourage you to contact our office to speak with our estimator to ensure you are getting the best value for the products they plan to install. Call to ensure that they aren’t skipping steps that SHOULD be part of your installation. And, call to make sure the warranty is included on workmanship and equipment (at least 10 years on parts; 20 on heat exchanger). The warranties on the premium Rheem equipment that Longhorn Air installs are the best in El Paso!

While we may not always be able to beat the lowest price, we can compete as a best choice for value when installing high quality HVAC equipment, including sheet metal duct reconstruction.

Choose Longhorn Air for quality, excellence and value when you choose to convert to refrigerated air or replace your existing HVAC system. Please contact our office at 915-852-7334 for a free new heating and cooling system estimate.