Is Your House Making You Sick? You May Want to Convert to Refrigerated Air

[caption id="attachment_609" align="alignnone" width="600"]Sick Home Syndrome is a real thing. Convert to refrigerated air to make it well. Sick Home Syndrome is a real thing. Convert to refrigerated air to make it well.[/caption]

It’s true…your house may be making you and/or your family sick.

Studies have shown 30% of homes or buildings are sick, meaning they are hazardous to the health as a result of indoor air and allergens/pollutants.

Source:  https://www.epa.gov/sites/production/files/2014-08/documents/sick_building_factsheet.pdf
“Sick Building Syndrome,” or SBS, is a term used to describe homes or buildings whereby "the occupants experience acute health and comfort issues that appear to be linked to the time they spend there, but no specific illness or cause can be identified,” as defined by the EPA.

Reports show that most sick homes or buildings are that way because of the type of, or flaws in, the heating and cooling system. This is especially true of those choosing to cool with evaporative coolers. Bad duct work can create a sick home, too!

Issues causing SBS that can be traced to the HVAC include:

  • Bad ventilation or inadequate air distribution through the duct work
  • Contaminants such as mold, mildew, airborne particles and pollens
  • Chemical contaminants from indoor sources: VOCs from carpeting or dust in the upholstery
  • Outdoor sources like car exhaust and lawn motor vapors

Bacteria, mold, pollen, and viruses are types of biological contaminants. These contaminants can breed in stagnant water from evaporative coolers, ducts, humidifiers and drain pans, or where ever water collects. Biological contaminants caused by these can show up on vents, ceiling tiles, carpeting and/or in insulation. These harmful contaminants are especially seen in homes with swamp or evaporative coolers.

Increasing ventilation rates and air distribution often can be remedied with a conversion to refrigerated air or a replacement of an existing HVAC system with a newer one that meets today’s acceptable specifications. Proper duct work design and replacement will help tremendously, too.

If you suspect that you have a sick house, you should convert to refrigerated air to provide you and your family with a remedy. A better assessment and correction to your duct work may be needed, as well. Call Longhorn Maintenance Heating and Cooling for a sick home evaluation and proposed solution at 915-852-7334. Do it for the health of your home AND FAMILY!