Convert to Refrigerated Air

You want refrigerated air. That’s not the issue. But, converting costs you more than you imagined. We hear it a lot.

You can’t base your information on what the competitor’s commercials say. Yes, you can convert for $3,800 but that doesn’t include electrical updates, duct work reconstruction and other upgrades necessary to make the conversion work. You should be a bit suspicious about those contractors who base their commercials and advertising merely on the cost of the system. Because we will ALWAYS be transparent, here is what you need to know about converting to refrigerated air that will affect your cost:

  • Ductwork– During an estimate, Longhorn Air will evaluate your existing ductwork to see if it can handle the demand of a refrigerated air conditioning system vs. a swamp cooler. And, Longhorn Air ONLY installs high quality sheet metal ductwork. We NEVER use duct board. Duct board deteriorates over time and puts the fiberglass particles from which it is constructed right back into your airflow. It’s dangerous and harmful especially if you have respiratory issues!
  • Electrical– Often times when adding refrigerated air conditioning your home’s electrical system will need to be upgraded to support the electrical load needed for the air conditioner to run properly. Electrical panels need space. Electricity from the utility pole outside of your home to your house have to be amply supplied.
  • Heating System– Even though you are just considering converting to refrigerated air, your existing furnace or heating system needs to be included in the upgrade.  In most cases your furnace and new refrigerated air conditioning system is a package deal, as they are designed to work together for highest efficiency.  Often times the existing furnace will not be compatible with your new refrigerated air conditioner.  Unless your furnace is less than 5 years old, we will recommend upgrading both systems at the same time. (Ask us about a buy-back of your existing newer furnace if you want to convert to a complete new HVAC system, including furnace).
  • SEER Ratings– SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings and dictates the efficiency of your new refrigerated air conditioning systems.  SEER ratings have continued to improve over the years.  While 14 SEER is the minimum for our area, you can go much higher than that to get the most energy efficient system available. It does affect upfront costs, but in the long run, continuous savings on your utility billings will add up to bigger savings with a higher SEER rated refrigerated air system.

Longhorn Air prides itself on fair and accurate assessments and estimates on converting to refrigerated air.

For a free estimate on converting to refrigerated air, call the transparent, honest and high integrity guys of Longhorn Air.