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Price vs. Value…Know the Difference When Considering Converting to Refrigerated Air

“Price is only an issue when there in the absence of value.” --CEO Unknown

Occasionally, one of our competitors may advertise impossible rates for converting to refrigerated air or provide you with a lower quote for doing so. The problem with that is something has to give to do the job at the price quoted, whether they’ll be providing you with an inferior system, poor warranty or cutting corners by installing duct board where sheet metal duct work would be a better solution.

There is a big difference when you buy low price vs. more value when converting to refrigerated air.

Here at Longhorn Air, we provide our customers with most competitive pricing for the highest quality heating and cooling system installations. We provide the lengthiest warranties to protect your investment in a new refrigerated air system. AND, we never install duct board in the process! Every air duct reconstruction is done with SHEET METAL DUCT WORK. So, you can buy price when planning to convert or you can buy VALUE! In the long run, value is going to pay you more with your heating and cooling system.

Still, we understand that affordability has to be part of the decision when choosing your HVAC contractor and your new refrigerated air system. If one of our competitors offers you a rate lower than ours, we encourage you to contact our office to speak with our estimator to ensure you are getting the best value for the products they plan to install. Call to ensure that they aren’t skipping steps that SHOULD be part of your installation. And, call to make sure the warranty is included on workmanship and equipment (at least 10 years on parts; 20 on heat exchanger). The warranties on the premium Rheem equipment that Longhorn Air installs are the best in El Paso!

While we may not always be able to beat the lowest price, we can compete as a best choice for value when installing high quality HVAC equipment, including sheet metal duct reconstruction.

Choose Longhorn Air for quality, excellence and value when you choose to convert to refrigerated air or replace your existing HVAC system. Please contact our office at 915-852-7334 for a free new heating and cooling system estimate.

Is Your House Making You Sick? You May Want to Convert to Refrigerated Air

[caption id="attachment_609" align="alignnone" width="600"]Sick Home Syndrome is a real thing. Convert to refrigerated air to make it well. Sick Home Syndrome is a real thing. Convert to refrigerated air to make it well.[/caption]

It’s true…your house may be making you and/or your family sick.

Studies have shown 30% of homes or buildings are sick, meaning they are hazardous to the health as a result of indoor air and allergens/pollutants.

Source:  https://www.epa.gov/sites/production/files/2014-08/documents/sick_building_factsheet.pdf
“Sick Building Syndrome,” or SBS, is a term used to describe homes or buildings whereby "the occupants experience acute health and comfort issues that appear to be linked to the time they spend there, but no specific illness or cause can be identified,” as defined by the EPA.

Reports show that most sick homes or buildings are that way because of the type of, or flaws in, the heating and cooling system. This is especially true of those choosing to cool with evaporative coolers. Bad duct work can create a sick home, too!

Issues causing SBS that can be traced to the HVAC include:

  • Bad ventilation or inadequate air distribution through the duct work
  • Contaminants such as mold, mildew, airborne particles and pollens
  • Chemical contaminants from indoor sources: VOCs from carpeting or dust in the upholstery
  • Outdoor sources like car exhaust and lawn motor vapors

Bacteria, mold, pollen, and viruses are types of biological contaminants. These contaminants can breed in stagnant water from evaporative coolers, ducts, humidifiers and drain pans, or where ever water collects. Biological contaminants caused by these can show up on vents, ceiling tiles, carpeting and/or in insulation. These harmful contaminants are especially seen in homes with swamp or evaporative coolers.

Increasing ventilation rates and air distribution often can be remedied with a conversion to refrigerated air or a replacement of an existing HVAC system with a newer one that meets today’s acceptable specifications. Proper duct work design and replacement will help tremendously, too.

If you suspect that you have a sick house, you should convert to refrigerated air to provide you and your family with a remedy. A better assessment and correction to your duct work may be needed, as well. Call Longhorn Maintenance Heating and Cooling for a sick home evaluation and proposed solution at 915-852-7334. Do it for the health of your home AND FAMILY!

Rheem & Ecobee: A Perfect Pairing


Rheem & Ecobee: A Perfect PairingWhen it comes to HVAC equipment, there aren’t many brands that provide the reliability, affordability and efficiency that Rheem HVAC does. Pair that with an Ecobee thermostat, and you have the most perfect system ever for energy savings and efficiency…for a most perfect price!

Rheem HVAC equipment provides a wide range of equipment products, focusing on innovative technology and an excellent warranty that provides El Paso homeowners many years of dependable, comfortable cooling throughout our extreme summer seasons and reliable heating in winters.

The line of Rheem air conditioners and furnaces are diverse, with equipment to meet many budgets and specifications:

  • 14 to 20 SEER, season energy efficiency ratings
  • Single, two-stage or variable speed furnace operation to “step up” to your desired temperatures
  • Quiet heating and cooling
  • Environmentally safe refrigerant

Ecobee thermostats significantly add to home comfort, but will maximize savings from heating and cooling costs when coupled with Rheem HVAC equipment. This is accomplished by a combination of the compatible events and settings that work with your HVAC equipment.

With an Ecobee smart thermostat you can:

  • Automate comfort and savings by relying on the smart features that ensure your home is always at the temperature you want, without running your heating or cooling equipment more than necessary.
  • Create a unique schedule for every day of the week, complete with an unlimited number of activities per day and a custom comfort setting for each activity.
  • Remotely monitor and control your thermostat for ultimate peace of mind and to accommodate you when away-from-home, or with any unexpected changes in your daily plans.

Ecobee provides a full-color LCD screen, touchscreen or simple push-button interaction, pre-programmed comfort schedule, and an easy, guided installation and setup process. It also has one model that provides built-in Amazon Echo for voice-activated commands and/or speaker capability…”Alexa…play Today’s Hits!”

Longhorn Maintenance is El Paso’s Rheem Pro Contractor! Our trained technicians are Pro Certified by Rheem to provide expert installation and the best warranties to always ensure your new Rheem unit with Ecobee control performs optimally. Call us for a free new system estimate at 915-852-7334 or visit us at www.longhornairep.com

When is the best time to…

...convert to Refrigerated Air?

Most homeowners say “I wished I’d done this years ago!” So, when is it best to convert? Consider it at these times and for these reasons:

  • Convert NOW if you want to sell your home in El Paso's competitive market
  • Convert NOW to remain cool and comfortable in our extreme summer heat
  • Convert NOW before monsoon season and high humidity creates extreme discomfort
  • Convert NOW before fall for auto changeover (Refrigerated air conditioning systems allow you to easily switch between heat and cool at any time. This is very nice for El Paso homeowners especially during those many months when we experience cool mornings and warm afternoons.)
  • Convert BEFORE END OF YEAR and manufacturer price increases

…replace that old system?

Today’s new HVAC systems provide years of quiet, cool, smooth operation. Lower SEER A/C systems in El Paso generally only last 10-15 years due to our harsh summers. So when it is best to retire that older system? Consider these:

  • Upgrade NOW if your old system keeps breaking down and causing you expensive repairs
  • Upgrade NOW to remain cool and comfortable in our extreme summer heat
  • Upgrade NOW to take advantage of financing deals and low monthly payments
  • Upgrade now BEFORE END OF YEAR and manufacturer price increases

…upgrade to highest efficiency, high SEER cooling?

Upgrading to high efficiency is an expensive investment but probably one of the smartest decisions you can make in upgrading your home systems because heating and cooling accounts for 50% or more of your utility bills. Longhorn Air recommends you upgrade to high efficiency if you are in your forever home and want the most energy savings and best of the best for it. Here’s why:

  • High efficiency means the lowest utility bills (pair with a smart thermostat and you’ll enjoy energy savings like you never have before!)
  • High efficiency systems have longer life spans if well cared for
  • High efficiency systems qualify for some rebates

…start a Preventive Maintenance Program?

A homeowner with refrigerated air should ALWAYS be on a preventive maintenance program. Order your Preventive Maintenance (PM) NOW for these good reasons:

  • PMs help keep a system running at peak performance and highest efficiency
  • PMs keep systems clean and indoor air quality at its best
  • PMs keep your system running long after warranty expires
  • PMs check for leaks and other dangerous conditions and/or repairs before they become major problems
  • PMs ensure you’ll get your filter replaced, absolutely necessary for the smooth, cool, quiet operation of your air conditioning system (NOTE: filter changes should be done at least every other month with or without PM service to ensure more problem-free operation of your refrigerated air system).

Longhorn Maintenance Heating and Cooling can help you convert to refrigerated air, replace an existing HVAC system, upgrade to high efficiency and/or start on a preventive maintenance program. For a quote on any of these, call us at 915-852-7334 or visit us at www.longhornairep.com.

Rheem Prestige Series R98V Modulating Upflow Gas Furnace Selected Most Eco-Friendly by Green Builder's Magazine

[caption id="attachment_588" align="alignnone" width="516"]Longhorn Air is a Rheem Pro Partner serving Horizon City and El Paso Longhorn Air is a Rheem Pro Partner serving Horizon City and El Paso[/caption]


We are proud to be nominated - and to WIN! Thank you to Green Builder Magazine for recognizing our Prestige Series R98V Modulating Upflow Gas Furnace as one of the "Hot 50" eco-friendly Heating & Cooling products for 2018. It's not only green, it's also one of the smartest furnaces on the market.

The Rheem Prestige Series R98V Modulating Upflow Gas Furnace offers the highest efficiency available today at 98.7 percent AFUE, saving maximum energy and money for homeowners. The unit’s industry-first patented features make it one of the smartest furnaces on the market.

A newly redesigned heat exchanger improves airflow, which reduces operating sound. The variable-speed ECM motor also contributes to a quieter, more efficient operation, using less energy than a single-stage motor and running at a wide range of speeds to provide precise airflow and provide better humidity control.

The R98V comes standard with a direct spark ignition (DSI), one of the most reliable ignition systems used by the heating and cooling industry. The unit is also equipped with built-in safety features such as the industry’s first blocked drain sensor, which forces the furnace to shut down if a drain gets blocked, preventing spillage and potential water damage.

When connected to Rheem’s exclusive EcoNet Control Center, the R98V furnace will display important service and maintenance information. This data can also be accessed on the homeowner’s smart phone or tablet, and can be sent direct to a contractor to speed up repairs. Homeowners can also adjust settings for efficiency and comfort from anywhere with the free EcoNet app.

Prestige was named Energy Star Most Efficient by the Environmental Protection Agency for 2016 and 2017.

Longhorn Air is El Paso's Rheem Pro Contractor. For a quote on an award-winning, new, premium Rheem heating and cooling system, call us at 915-852-7334. Best warranties in the business! Financing options for low monthly payments are available.


Air Filter Changes Really DO Matter!

[caption id="attachment_585" align="alignnone" width="1000"]Change your filter regularly and enjoy more comfort, cleaner air and a longer lasting HVAC system. Change your filter regularly and enjoy more comfort, cleaner air and a longer lasting HVAC system.[/caption]

Air filters really are central to the operation of your cooling system. Unfortunately, they are often forgotten because they are out of sight and out of mind.

Not only do they filter out all of the allergens, pollutants and dirt that comes with simply living in the dusty El Paso area, air filters also can dictate how well (and how long) your system will work. Clogged air filters are the number one cause of premature HVAC system failure.

All the air handled by the air conditioner and furnace passes through the air filter before it goes anywhere else. This means that quality of your air and the operation of the system is highly dependent upon whether or not the air filter is clean. If you don’t change your air filter regularly, air can’t pass through it as it should.

Dirty Air Filters Create Big Problems

  • The blower fan in the HVAC system has to work harder. When air filters are dirty, the fan has to work harder. That can cause premature failure of your system. But not only that, it needs more energy to operate, leading to higher utility bills.
  • Air flow isn’t providing all the air you’ll need.Thermostats call for the amount of air your rooms want. But, if the air filter is dirty, you’ll never reach your level of desired comfort. It will try. It will run continuously, if needed. And, again, that will put tremendous strain on the fan motor causing premature failure and costly repairs.
  • The HVAC system runs the risk of overheating or freezing up. Because the cooled (or heated) air can’t travel out of the air conditioner (or furnace) as easily, it could cause it to breakdown. Breakdowns cost money…much more than the cost of an air filter replacement, that’s for sure!
  • Bacteria growth can occur. Air filters help clean the air and keeps bacteria, mold and pollutants from growing and spreading in the HVAC system and duct work. Bad things will colonize in and around the air filter if they are not changed regularly. And, even worse, what air does reach the living spaces will be polluted with those “things.” If you already suffer from allergies, respiratory problem and/or asthma, this spells more trouble than a broken HVAC system.

Isn’t it a lot better to simply change your air filter than to suffer these side effects of not doing so? We think so. And, that’s why we’re here to help!

Longhorn Air recommends changing your air filter every month or two, especially if you have pets and because of our high dust area. If you need help with this task, call us at 95-852-7334. We’re here to help our friends and neighbors in El Paso, Horizon City and nearby areas.

Don’t Sweat It, Convert to Refrigerated Air and Live More Comfortably

[caption id="attachment_582" align="alignnone" width="550"]Don't sweat it, convert to refrigerated air El Paso homeowners! Don't sweat it, convert to refrigerated air El Paso homeowners![/caption]

Doppler weather reports that there is a chance for rain every day this week. High temperatures and moisture are a combination that means incredible discomfort if you live with evaporative cooling in El Paso. If you want to explore converting to refrigerated air, call Ian at Longhorn Air at 915-852-7334 for an estimate. Financing options with low monthly payments are available.

Best Temperature Setting for the Thermostat in Extreme Heat

Normal cooling settings for thermostats this time of the year are 75 degrees - 80 degrees. (Normal heating settings are 68 degrees- 72 degrees). Why does this matter? Setting your thermostat too low is going to wear on your air conditioning system. It will have a difficult time keeping up with extreme temperatures if it is set too low, meaning it will continuously run to try to maintain a low temperature set point. This may cause premature failure or early retirement of an HVAC system.

Today, that low set point is below 75 degrees. You should always set your thermostat to the highest possible setting that is comfortable for you in the summer (and the lowest comfortable setting in the winter). Doing so will help you enjoy the most comfort in a system that will last a long time!

Sound Check

You may be noticing more sounds coming from your air conditioner these past days in these extreme El Paso temperatures. That’s because it is working overtime.

There are sounds that the A/C makes that are normal, but they are also some that are not. Knowing the difference can save you on repairs and possibly an early retirement of your HVAC system. Here are some sounds you could be hearing, what they may mean, and if you should call Longhorn Maintenance Heating and Cooling for service:

Bang Bang Bang

Light banging may mean that something has come loose in the compressor like a rod or a piston. It could also be the compressor itself. Either way, this requires a check up from Longhorn Air to fix.


A metal on metal screeching sound may mean you have worn out bearing in the fan motor. This requires a repair from Longhorn Air to fix.


A squealing sound may mean you have a misaligned or worn fan belt. It will need replacing the professionals at Longhorn Air. High temperatures and humidity, like we are experiencing in El Paso these past couple of weeks, can wear on a fan belt eventually causing it to break.

Click. Click. Click.

Like a playing card in the spokes of a bicycle, a clicking sound may mean you have a stick or some other obstruction that has fallen into the condensing unit and is hitting the fan blades. Try turning off the A/C and clearing the obstruction. If that doesn’t work, you may have an electrical problem (especially if the A/C will not turn back on). If that is the case, call Longhorn for a repair or estimate on a replacement.


A humming sound can be many things. While some humming is normal in heavy use periods, continuous humming is not. It could mean you have loose wires, an electrical problem, or a blower motor issue. Call Longhorn Air to troubleshoot the hum if it doesn’t go away on its own.

Whistling While it Works

A whistling or wheezing sounds may simply mean you need to change the air filter. Or, in heavy use periods like this week in El Paso, open those vents that you have closed too much to let airflow pass through. They are trying to pass more air through to those living spaces because the extreme heat has made it hotter in those spaces than normal.

If you are hearing more noises than normal, use this guide to determine whether or not you should call for a repair or replacement by Longhorn Maintenance Heating and Cooling. Call 915-852-7334 for service or visit our website at www.longhornairep.com to learn more about our equipment offering and financing deals.

Longhorn Air is El Paso's Rheem ProPartner

[caption id="attachment_572" align="alignnone" width="1600"]Longhorn Air is El Paso's Rheem equipment Pro Partner Longhorn Air is El Paso's Rheem equipment Pro Partner[/caption]

When it comes to heating, cooling, and indoor air quality equipment, there are many great brands to choose from. But, Rheem HVAC equipment is a brand leader that produces high-quality air conditioners at the BEST PRICE POINTS.

If you are searching for a new air conditioning system this summer, we encourage you to take a look at dependable, affordable, high efficiency Rheem air conditioners featuring:
o Up to 20 SEER
o Variable, two-stage, or single-stage operation
o Cleaner, quieter cooling
o Environmentally safe refrigerant

Call Longhorn Air at 915-852-7334 for a free new Rheem HVAC system estimate. Or, visit us at www.longhornairep.com