Air Filter Changes Really DO Matter!

[caption id="attachment_585" align="alignnone" width="1000"]Change your filter regularly and enjoy more comfort, cleaner air and a longer lasting HVAC system. Change your filter regularly and enjoy more comfort, cleaner air and a longer lasting HVAC system.[/caption]

Air filters really are central to the operation of your cooling system. Unfortunately, they are often forgotten because they are out of sight and out of mind.

Not only do they filter out all of the allergens, pollutants and dirt that comes with simply living in the dusty El Paso area, air filters also can dictate how well (and how long) your system will work. Clogged air filters are the number one cause of premature HVAC system failure.

All the air handled by the air conditioner and furnace passes through the air filter before it goes anywhere else. This means that quality of your air and the operation of the system is highly dependent upon whether or not the air filter is clean. If you don’t change your air filter regularly, air can’t pass through it as it should.

Dirty Air Filters Create Big Problems

  • The blower fan in the HVAC system has to work harder. When air filters are dirty, the fan has to work harder. That can cause premature failure of your system. But not only that, it needs more energy to operate, leading to higher utility bills.
  • Air flow isn’t providing all the air you’ll need.Thermostats call for the amount of air your rooms want. But, if the air filter is dirty, you’ll never reach your level of desired comfort. It will try. It will run continuously, if needed. And, again, that will put tremendous strain on the fan motor causing premature failure and costly repairs.
  • The HVAC system runs the risk of overheating or freezing up. Because the cooled (or heated) air can’t travel out of the air conditioner (or furnace) as easily, it could cause it to breakdown. Breakdowns cost money…much more than the cost of an air filter replacement, that’s for sure!
  • Bacteria growth can occur. Air filters help clean the air and keeps bacteria, mold and pollutants from growing and spreading in the HVAC system and duct work. Bad things will colonize in and around the air filter if they are not changed regularly. And, even worse, what air does reach the living spaces will be polluted with those “things.” If you already suffer from allergies, respiratory problem and/or asthma, this spells more trouble than a broken HVAC system.

Isn’t it a lot better to simply change your air filter than to suffer these side effects of not doing so? We think so. And, that’s why we’re here to help!

Longhorn Air recommends changing your air filter every month or two, especially if you have pets and because of our high dust area. If you need help with this task, call us at 95-852-7334. We’re here to help our friends and neighbors in El Paso, Horizon City and nearby areas.