For a healthier home, convert to refrigerated air

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Is Your House Making You Sick? You May Want to Convert to Refrigerated Air

It’s true…your house may be making you and/or your family sick. Studies have shown 30% of homes or buildings are sick, meaning they are hazardous to the health as a result of indoor air and allergens/pollutants. Source: “Sick Building Syndrome,” or SBS, is a term used to describe homes or buildings whereby “the occupants

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Homeowners can easily control temperature and settings from anywhere with any smart device — tablet, smart phone, computer, even smart watch — for Android or iOS. Best of all it’s ENERGY STAR® certified! Install Ecobee and you can expect to save up to 23%* annually on your heating and cooling costs. Free energy reports give

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Churches Have Special Comfort Needs

  Pictured is a beautiful installation of a new package unit for one of El Paso’s churches. Churches have special HVAC needs, the most important being the comfort of members and visitors. Churches also need an efficient system that produces less noise and dust, and greater efficiency. Energy savings is critical to the administrative requirements of churches. But,

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Explaining Efficiency

So…you’ve been thinking about swapping out your old cooling system for a new, high efficiency air conditioner? But, where do you start? You can spend a lot on air conditioning or less, and you can spend more to cool your home…or again, less. It all depends on the system’s “efficiency rating”. So, let’s talk about

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