Rheem High Efficient Heating and Cooling Systems from Longhorn Air El Paso in honor of Earth Day

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Honoring #EarthDay in El Paso

#EarthDay 2018 is a reminder to preserve this great planet by being more conscious of how we treat it. Here’s a tip from Longhorn Air: consider buying energy efficient products whenever possible. Read 10 more tips from HGTV here: https://www.hgtv.com/design/make-and-celebrate/holidays/how-to-save-the-planet-on-earth-day-pictures?sf87340237=1

Reduce Dust. Breathe Better Air. Convert to Refrigerated Air.

Refrigerated air conditioners are designed to take the air in your home, suck it through a filter, pass it over a very cold coil and push it back out through a series of vents. Cycle after cycle, dust, debris and pollutants are brought into the system through the return air duct, where the air is

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Investing in Refrigerated Air? Great! Just, Don’t Install Inferior Duct Board as Your New Air Duct System.

Many contractors in the El Paso cut costs and corners when it comes to installing and replacing air ducts when converting to refrigerated air. They do so by installing “duct board” and not the recommended sheet metal duct work. They’ll tell you it’s the same. But, it is not. Because your air ducts are out

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Why You Should Consider Going Ductless

Ductless mini-splits are heating and cooling systems – all in one unit – that are great solutions where a traditional heating and cooling system won’t work or when installing new ductwork is not possible. The capacity to heat and cool from a ductless mini-split is determined by which model you buy. Higher capacity systems are

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Ecobee for Light Commercial Building Automation

Keep your building’s occupants happy and comfortable. It’ll make your life easier, that’s for sure! No more complaints. No more call backs. No more useless HVAC repairs. Check out the ecobee Energy Management System (EMS) WiFi Enabled Programmable Commercial Thermostat: The ecobee Energy Management System Si (EMS Si) is the newest technology designed for the

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Ecobee4 Smart Thermostat: It’ll Save You on Energy Costs … and Play Your Favorite Song

DID YOU KNOW?… On average, 20% of energy cost is wasted through human error when setting temperature controls. Let us show you how you can save money each month by switching to a smart thermostat. Call 915-852-7334 for installations of a new Ecobee4 with easy smart programming, great away from home features, WiFi smart device

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REFRIGERATED AIR CONVERSIONS. EVAPORATIVE COOLER REPLACEMENTS. AC INSTALLATIONS AND REPAIRS. Longhorn Maintenance Heating and Cooling: Keeping El Paso homeowners comfortable for over 30 years! Call for a free new system estimate 915-852-7334. Estimates today; installed tomorrow. *upon credit approval

Cooling Solutions for El Paso Homeowners

El Paso weather offers more challenges for cooling the home than probably anywhere else in the country. We have mild winters and fluctuating spring and fall seasons whereby some cooling may be needed. And, extremely hot summers where reliable cooling is definitely a necessity. Not to mention, in recent years, El Paso has felt more

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Control Humidity by Converting to Refrigerated Air

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than “wet air” and we’ve been experiencing more of that in the El Paso area in recent summers than ever in our history. So, what is the best solution for keeping your home cool, dry and comfortable when humidity levels are increasing? The only answer for that is REFRIGERATED AIR! Evaporative

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“Your Comfort Choice” Maintenance Plans from Longhorn Air

Regular system check-ups are extremely important in extending the life of your heating and cooling systems! Not only do they keep them in excellent condition, but it helps prevent problems before they begin. Longhorn Air offers a variety of “Your Comfort Choice” Preventative Maintenance Plans also help maintain cleaner air and efficiency…and may help keep

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