Financing Options from Longhorn Air Make It Easy to Convert to Refrigerated Air

Financing Options Available from Longhorn Air

Financing Options Available from Longhorn Air

Converting to refrigerated air is an expensive home improvement, we know. But, it’s also one that significantly increases the value in your home, not to mention providing more comfort during the hot summers in El Paso.

Longhorn Maintenance Heating and Cooling offers several financing options to fit many homeowner budgets so that they can get into quieter, cooler and healthier refrigerated air.

For pre-approval, visit http://longhornairep.com/financing/. Contact Longhorn Maintenance Heating and Cooling after application to get your terms and schedule your installation.

Financing your new refrigerated air heating and cooling system or replacement has never been quicker or easier. For a free new HVAC system estimate and for more information on the financing options available from Longhorn Air, call us at 915-852-7334.

Good Duct. Bad Duct.

Choose Longhorn Maintenance Heating and Cooling for sheet metal duct work...EVERYTIME.

Choose Longhorn Maintenance Heating and Cooling for sheet metal duct work…EVERYTIME.

Why Sheet Metal Duct Work Should Be Installed Over Fiberglass Duct Board

Here’s Why:
1. Fiberglass duct board is inferior to sheet metal duct work because it breaks down over time.

Sheet metal duct work is built to last the lifetime of your new heating and cooling system…and beyond. Within 10 years, duct board can completely deteriorate, create duct leakage and waste energy. When this occurs, you will be again tasked with a large installation and expense of new duct work. Duct board simply lacks integrity. High performance homes must have sheet metal duct work to continue to meet efficiency standards promised with new HVAC equipment.

2. Fiberglass duct board can emit fiberglass particles into the air flow.

The most disturbing problem with duct board is that over time, it is forcing microscopic pieces fiberglass into the airflow of your home. As it breaks down, the pieces get smaller and smaller. You may be breathing that into your lungs. But, because many of these particles are nearly invisible, you don’t know that your health is being compromised by the airflow coming through fiberglass duct board. Common sense tells us that if dust enters and settles in the duct work so will the deteriorating elements of duct board. Those will
eventually make it into your living spaces.

3. Finally, fiberglass duct board is not resistant to moisture.

Have you ever seen wet card board? Well, that is what your duct board is going to look like when moving heavy wet and humid air through it over time. Wet duct board promotes mold growth and can make your living spaces smell like mildew.

Today, several states are moving to ban duct board and a solution. Longhorn Air supports that movement. We never use duct board in our heating and cooling installations. For us, quality is number one. And, a tight, high performance home must have sheet metal duct work to meet efficiency standards promised with new HVAC equipment over time…not just at the time of installation.

Why You Should Choose Longhorn Air for Your Conversion to Refrigerated Air

Choose Longhorn Air for your conversion to refrigerated air in El Paso

Choose Longhorn Air for your conversion to refrigerated air in El Paso

Longhorn Air has been keeping El Paso comfortable for 30 years! When you choose Longhorn Air for your conversion to refrigerated air or new HVAC replacement, you get:

  • highly skilled, reliable and trusted service for swamp cooler swap out, conversions to refrigerated air and HVAC replacements for residential and light commercial buildings,
  • an A+ rating from the El Paso BBB,
  • premium HVAC equipment from a Rheem Pro Contractor providing maximum comfort, efficiency and quality, including a 10-year warranty,
  • sheet metal duct work! You’ll get duct work at the highest quality and integrity; NO CHEAP DUCT BOARD HERE! And,
  • highly skilled, conscientious workers who are respectful to you and your property and trusted to complete the job you’ve hired us to do.

Our company is big enough to get the job done right but small enough to care with most service requests are completed the same day. We try to never be delayed in our response. But, if we are, you’ll be updated continuously on our expected arrival. When you choose Longhorn Air, you get on-time service provided with our best effort, and the best result possible. Every time!

So, first, we take this time to say thank you to our customers for your past business and look forward to serving you next time. If we are new to you, we encourage you to choose Longhorn Air so you can enjoy the benefits that our many happy customers already do.

BUYER BEWARE: Watch Out for Pop-up HVAC Contractors Making Big Promises Now That Hot Weather Has Arrived

It’s that time of year in El Paso when you hear offers for converting to refrigerated air that are too good to be true. “Convert for $3,800” or “Payments as low as $50 per month” or this one is our favorite “$0 down; no payments for 48 months.” They sound good, but listen to us when we tell you, you won’t get any of those deals. Why not? They’re not possible if you are getting a high quality, licensed, permitted installation of new refrigerated air.

To protect you from contractors who are “here today and gone tomorrow,” Longhorn Air offers these suggestions as some questions you should ask your estimator of a new refrigerated air system when you invite them to your home:

“Are you licensed and insured?”


Texas requires HVAC contractors to be licensed. If they’re not, you probably shouldn’t hire them to work on your cooling system. Always get a license number, then look it up through the Texas State contractor licensing board when you hire your air conditioning contractor.


Additionally, it’s good to make sure they’re insured too, just in case something goes wrong while they’re working in your home. And, ask if their company has both worker’s compensation and liability insurance.


“How long have you been a contractor in El Paso?”

Make sure they are a reputable contractor in the El Paso area…some who has worked here for a long time. Get referrals and look them up in the BBB El Paso directory. Doing a little due diligence on their history could prevent you from hiring the wrong contractor and having a lot of headaches with your new installation. Longhorn Air has been an El Paso HVAC contractor for over 30 years and have thousands of high quality, successful installation. We’re the contractor you should hire!


“What warranties and guarantees do you provide?”


Your system no matter what brand will come with a warranty…and a good HVAC contractor will file this warranty, provide you the terms of the warranty, and honor them if something goes wrong during the terms of it.

Longhorn Maintenance Heating and Cooling installs premium Rheem heating and cooling system that come with a 10-year system warranty and one year workmanship warranty on our installation work. We file all warranties and supply you with the information should anything ever go wrong. These are the terms you should expect when you hire a professional HVAC contractor.

As a homeowner converting to refrigerated air, you will invest quite a bit into your new HVAC system so it’s important to make sure you get what you deserve when you hire a contractor in El Paso. Longhorn Air has been serving El Paso homeowners with high quality conversions to refrigerated air for over 30 years. We’re reputable and listed in the BBB as an A+ contractor. Check out our reviews online and at our Facebook page. And, call us at 915-852-7334 for your free estimate for a new cooling system to get our license, insurance and warranty information.

Never Any Short Cuts from Longhorn Maintenance Heating and Cooling

Longhorn Air El Paso doesn't cut corners by using cheap ductboard EVER!

Longhorn Air El Paso doesn’t cut corners by using cheap ductboard EVER!

Here at Longhorn Air we DO NOT use any DUCTBOARD. We fabricate all Sheet Metal in house. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship.

Ductboard is a cheap short cut. It’s made up of fiberglass particles that break down and enter your airflow. Ductboard is simple duct construction, put together with tape. It deteriorates over time and can create big problems down the road. Sheet metal duct work is the way to go…lasts a lifetime and passes healthier air into your living spaces.

For an estimate on a new refrigerated air system with quality sheet metal duct work, call Longhorn Air at 915-852-7334 or schedule atwww.longhornairep.com


Honoring #EarthDay in El Paso

Sustainable living combined with high efficient HVAC equipment is the solution!

Sustainable living combined with high efficient HVAC equipment is the solution!

#EarthDay 2018 is a reminder to preserve this great planet by being more conscious of how we treat it.

Here’s a tip from Longhorn Air: consider buying energy efficient products whenever possible. Read 10 more tips from HGTV here:


Reduce Dust. Breathe Better Air. Convert to Refrigerated Air.

Converting to refrigerated minimizes dust and provides cleaner, healthier air to El Paso homeowners.

Converting to refrigerated minimizes dust and provides cleaner, healthier air to El Paso homeowners.

Refrigerated air conditioners are designed to take the air in your home, suck it through a filter, pass it over a very cold coil and push it back out through a series of vents. Cycle after cycle, dust, debris and pollutants are brought into the system through the return air duct, where the air is cleaned and returned to the rooms, creating a less dusty, cleaner and healthier home!
Yep…during that process, your air conditioner and air handler are actually removing a great number of particles from the air and making your home a safer place to breathe. The larger particles are caught by the filter before the indoor air even enters the air handler. Then the air handler pulls the water-soluble particles out of the air, along with excess moisture.
If you have too much dust all of the time or your air feels stuffy, stale…or you’re struggling to breathe, you may need to take a closer look at the cooling system.
Longhorn Air can provide you with more information on how refrigerated air conditioning works and give you a free estimate to convert. Call 915-852-7334 to schedule your estimate today. Or, visit us at www.longhornairep.com to learn more about us and how our special attention to air tight ducts will keep you house from accumulating excessive dust, allergens and other unhealthy particles that your family is breathing every day!

Investing in Refrigerated Air? Great! Just, Don’t Install Inferior Duct Board as Your New Air Duct System.

Don't convert to refrigerated air and get duct board. Get sheet metal duct work.

Don’t convert to refrigerated air and get duct board. Get sheet metal duct work.

Many contractors in the El Paso cut costs and corners when it comes to installing and replacing air ducts when converting to refrigerated air. They do so by installing “duct board” and not the recommended sheet metal duct work. They’ll tell you it’s the same. But, it is not.

Because your air ducts are out of sight and out of mind, contractors will use inferior duct board to construct your new duct system. Some won’t even tell you this because they think you’ll never know the different. But, your air duct system is what dictates how well, how healthfully, and how long the air will properly flow through into your home. The air duct system should be top of mind and priority number one when converting to refrigerated air.

Here are just a few benefits of sheet metal duct work vs duct board.

No Duct Leakage

Duct leakage is responsible for hot and cold spots, improper air flow, and higher utility bills. Properly installed sheet metal duct work will ensure you will obtain the efficiency and comfort you were promised with your new heating and cooling system. And, with sheet metal duct work, it’s a one-and-done installation. If you think card board ducts taped together to isn’t going to leak, think again. Duct board is nothing more than heavy cardboard and in time (a short matter of time), they’ll get wet, rot and breakdown. The seams where they’ve been taped together are the first to deteriorate creating even more duct leakage.

Longer Life and Better Performance

Installation of the duct work is a large part of how well the air will flow in your home. And, it’s a big part of the costs of converting to refrigerated air. Sure, you can save money up front by installing duct board vs. sheet metal duct work. But, you’ll pay more in the end. Within five to eight years, duct board usually needs to be replaced. That’s another cost to your HVAC investment. And, a huge disruption to the rooms that affected. Invest in sheet metal duct work and the air ducts will last a lifetime. Duct board deteriorates and rots.

Improved Air Flow

Duct board can create problems of:

  • Restricted air flow
  • Hot/cold spots
  • Stuffy rooms
  • Smells and odors
  • Discharge of particles of the board

The quality and volume of air that passes through air ducts is hugely impacted by the air ducts.  When air ducts are constructed of duct board, that air is compromised. Duct board discharges flekey particles and off-gassing through the duct system. You’ll smell and see it immediately after installation. And, it’ll continue for a long time. A clean, sheet metal air duct system passes larger volumes of cleaner air into your living spaces. Sheet metal duct work also maintains thermal comfort – and does so for the lifetime of your new system — which in turn lessens the strain on your air conditioning or heating system and can help lower utility bills.

Cleaner Air Ducts for Better Indoor Air Quality

Air ducts are pretty similar to other appliances you regularly have cleaned and maintained. Like these appliances, a dirty air duct system won’t be as effective if it’s accumulating dirt that isn’t removed. You can clean sheet metal air ducts to improve the quality of air and lessen the amoutn of dust, but if you clean duct board duct construction, you’ll break them down. And, again, damage to air ducts will greatly affect the way your air flows, as we stated above.

Simply stated, sheet metal air ducts deliver higher quality air. Make sure you are getting the best for your HVAC investment dollars when you convert to refrigerated air by choosing a contractor who ALWAYS installs sheet metal air ducts. That contractor is Longhorn Maintenance Heating and Cooling.

Call Longhorn Air at 915-852-7334 for a free new system estimate with sheet metal air ducts.


Why You Should Consider Going Ductless

Ductless mini-splits are easy to install and help save on energy costs

Ductless mini-splits are easy to install and help save on energy costs

Ductless mini-splits are heating and cooling systems – all in one unit – that are great solutions where a traditional heating and cooling system won’t work or when installing new ductwork is not possible. The capacity to heat and cool from a ductless mini-split is determined by which model you buy. Higher capacity systems are nearly as effective as a traditional heat pump system.

Use Less Energy and Cut Your Heating Bills

Ductless mini-splits use so little electricity, you’ll enjoy cost savings on your energy bills and many find that in a short period of time, it has paid for itself.

Ductless mini-splits are super efficient and use dramatically less energy than any other kind of heating or cooling system. They have ultra-high HSPF (heating) and SEER (cooling) ratings, making them extremely affordable to run. No other heating or cooling equipment is this efficient!

Easy Installation

Ductless mini-splits do not require expensive – and expansive — ductwork. A ductless installation is hassle-free and can be completed in just one day.

There is a lot of flexibility in system sizing as one outdoor unit can provide from 12,000 to 48,000 BTUs of heating/cooling depending on its capacity rating. Your floor plan and lifestyle may require more than one indoor unit. Cost is determined by home size, floor plan, desired spaces, and some other factors.

Both Heating & Cooling in One Unit

Ductless mini-splits can give you precise temperature control even in spaces you thought would be impossible to make comfortable. Inverter-driven compressor technology and smart, easy-to-use controls, will help you achieve comfort levels with consistent temperatures throughout the room(s) you target all year long, year after year.

Ecobee for Light Commercial Building Automation

Ecobee EMS SI is ideal for strip malls, gas stations, franchise locations and other light commercial buildings.

Ecobee EMS SI is ideal for strip malls, gas stations, franchise locations and other light commercial buildings.

Keep your building’s occupants happy and comfortable. It’ll make your life easier, that’s for sure!

No more complaints. No more call backs. No more useless HVAC repairs.

Check out the ecobee Energy Management System (EMS) WiFi Enabled Programmable Commercial Thermostat:

The ecobee Energy Management System Si (EMS Si) is the newest technology designed for the commercial market. It is ideal in applications where a simple programmable or WiFi thermostat does not provide adequate controls and functionality and a full-scale building automation system is too complex and expensive.

The ecobee EMS Si is simple to install and program and reduces operating costs. Best of all, it delivers increased energy conservation for significant utility cost savings.

The EMS Web Portal allows you to remotely monitor, identify, analyze and troubleshoot performance issues; manage the temperature and operational settings from one central location; and take action without having to send a technician on-site.

  • Remote management via computer, Smartphone or iPod Touch
  • Color screen with live weather forecasts
  • Energy saving programs cut down on energy bills
  • Works with heat/cool and heat pump systems
  • Monitor an unlimited number of locations from one central smart device
  • Ideal for property or facility managers responsible for monitoring utilities

If this sounds like a building automation solution for you, call Longhorn Maintenance Heating and Cooling at 915-852-7334 or visit us at www.longhornairep.com to schedule a consultation.