The Evaporative Coolers Fluctuating Temperatures

Most evaporative coolers are only prepared to cool efficiently up to approximately  85-90 degrees in our extreme summer heat…and that’s if we don’t have elevated humidity like what’s coming to our area today and for the next few days.


Once El Paso’s outdoor temperatures soar above the 100+ degree level, you can expect to feel quite a few degrees of inconsistency with the indoor cooling if you have a swamp cooling system. In addition, you can also expect the system to run a lot more than normal — near continuous in some instances.
If it feels like your evap cooler isn’t quite reaching the temperature you set it to this time of year; it’s actually completely normal for these hot, hot days. Your evaporative cooler is doing the best it can do.


Converting to refrigerated air is the only way to completely control the indoor temperature (and humidity). If you are simply not cool, comfortable or concerned about the operation of your old system, it may be time for a conversion to refrigerated air.


If you have a refrigerated air system already and are seeing (and feeling) more than a few degrees temperature swing from what your thermostat is set at during these hot days, this is NOT normal. You could be experiencing an air conditioner break down. It would be wise to schedule a service check.


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