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Investing in Refrigerated Air? Great! Just, Don’t Install Inferior Duct Board as Your New Air Duct System.

Don't convert to refrigerated air and get duct board. Get sheet metal duct work.

Don’t convert to refrigerated air and get duct board. Get sheet metal duct work.

Many contractors in the El Paso cut costs and corners when it comes to installing and replacing air ducts when converting to refrigerated air. They do so by installing “duct board” and not the recommended sheet metal duct work. They’ll tell you it’s the same. But, it is not.

Because your air ducts are out of sight and out of mind, contractors will use inferior duct board to construct your new duct system. Some won’t even tell you this because they think you’ll never know the different. But, your air duct system is what dictates how well, how healthfully, and how long the air will properly flow through into your home. The air duct system should be top of mind and priority number one when converting to refrigerated air.

Here are just a few benefits of sheet metal duct work vs duct board.

No Duct Leakage

Duct leakage is responsible for hot and cold spots, improper air flow, and higher utility bills. Properly installed sheet metal duct work will ensure you will obtain the efficiency and comfort you were promised with your new heating and cooling system. And, with sheet metal duct work, it’s a one-and-done installation. If you think card board ducts taped together to isn’t going to leak, think again. Duct board is nothing more than heavy cardboard and in time (a short matter of time), they’ll get wet, rot and breakdown. The seams where they’ve been taped together are the first to deteriorate creating even more duct leakage.

Longer Life and Better Performance

Installation of the duct work is a large part of how well the air will flow in your home. And, it’s a big part of the costs of converting to refrigerated air. Sure, you can save money up front by installing duct board vs. sheet metal duct work. But, you’ll pay more in the end. Within five to eight years, duct board usually needs to be replaced. That’s another cost to your HVAC investment. And, a huge disruption to the rooms that affected. Invest in sheet metal duct work and the air ducts will last a lifetime. Duct board deteriorates and rots.

Improved Air Flow

Duct board can create problems of:

  • Restricted air flow
  • Hot/cold spots
  • Stuffy rooms
  • Smells and odors
  • Discharge of particles of the board

The quality and volume of air that passes through air ducts is hugely impacted by the air ducts.  When air ducts are constructed of duct board, that air is compromised. Duct board discharges flekey particles and off-gassing through the duct system. You’ll smell and see it immediately after installation. And, it’ll continue for a long time. A clean, sheet metal air duct system passes larger volumes of cleaner air into your living spaces. Sheet metal duct work also maintains thermal comfort – and does so for the lifetime of your new system — which in turn lessens the strain on your air conditioning or heating system and can help lower utility bills.

Cleaner Air Ducts for Better Indoor Air Quality

Air ducts are pretty similar to other appliances you regularly have cleaned and maintained. Like these appliances, a dirty air duct system won’t be as effective if it’s accumulating dirt that isn’t removed. You can clean sheet metal air ducts to improve the quality of air and lessen the amoutn of dust, but if you clean duct board duct construction, you’ll break them down. And, again, damage to air ducts will greatly affect the way your air flows, as we stated above.

Simply stated, sheet metal air ducts deliver higher quality air. Make sure you are getting the best for your HVAC investment dollars when you convert to refrigerated air by choosing a contractor who ALWAYS installs sheet metal air ducts. That contractor is Longhorn Maintenance Heating and Cooling.

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