Sheet Metal Duct Work and NEVER Duct Board

Metal Duct Work: Do it Once. Do it Right!

Longhorn NEVER uses inferior duct board in our customers' homes.

Longhorn NEVER uses inferior duct board in our customers’ homes.

Watch out for contractors in the El Paso area giving you a lower quote on converting to refrigerated air. Yes, they can do it cheaper, but only because they will be cutting corners, especially when it comes to the duct work.

When you are considering converting to refrigerated air, make sure you are getting sheet metal duct work and not duct board! Inferior duct work using duct board is not going to be the quality you will be expecting in your investment in a new heating and cooling system.

Duct board is simply a sheet of fiberglass infused thick cardboard with a foil outside to look like metal duct work. Contractors choose it because it’s a quicker, cheaper installation. But, buyer beware, duct board has many downsides including:

  • Fiberglass particles breaking down in time from the duct board and entering into your airflow
  • Wetness can be harmful to the fiberglasss; duct board stores moisture and therefore, mold and fungus
  • Doesn’t last as long as your system and can lead to a costly replacement of the duct work
  • Duct cleaning further breaks down the duct board and causes issues of duct leakage…and
  • Duct board cannot be properly sealed for duct leakage

Longhorn Maintenance Heating & Cooling NEVER uses duct board in the construction (or reconstruction) of duct work.  Even when installed properly, which is rare, duct board does break down or get blown out of place and has to be resecured or replaced. New sheet metal duct work will last a lifetime and never move out of place.

Look at our duct work after 10 years and you’ll see the same duct work you saw when it was installed. Look at duct board in 10 years, and you’ll be shocked how it has deteriorated and what you are then breathing into your lungs…not to mention how “itchy” you will become in your own home due to the fiberglass particles entering your living spaces.

While sheet metal duct work does cost a little more up front, the time to do it is when you are converting to refrigerated air. You’ll want metal duct work as a “one and done” solution.

If top quality is what you want with your new HVAC system, then you’ll want your installation from Longhorn Maintenance Heating & Cooling, including our sheet metal duct work. For a free new system estimate or to convert to refrigerated air, call Longhorn Air at 915-852-7334 and get a top quality installation.